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Streamline your networking experience in real time and make every interaction a sustainable business relationship

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Meet Mia

Your Personal Relations Manager.

Mia assists you in networking events, business meetings, and social gatherings.

You meet a lot of interesting people, but remembering where and when you interacted and what were the points of interest is difficult.
Managing them using a spreadsheet isn’t practical and CRM tools are time-consuming...

Mia acts as:

  • YOUR SMART CONTACTS MANAGER making contact exchange seamless and intuitive.
  • BUSINESS CARDS FACILITATOR saving you space, and effort to stay connected.
  • RELATIONSHIP-BUILDING PARTNER helping you build sustainable relationships.She scans business cards, facilitates sharing your digital contact details, records meeting details, sets reminders, and ensures productive networking.

Keep In Touch!

Mia, when you truly mean “STAY IN TOUCH!”

Make the most out of every networking event.
Keep your leads’ contact information at your fingertip.
Share your digital contactless business card with new connections.
Get reminders to follow up with your contacts on specific subjects.
Track your relationship with your connection through a timeline.
Personalize your business interactions, invest in the first impression.

Connecting People

Mia helps you keep the interesting conversation going long after your first interaction so you don’t lose the momentum!

1-Scan Business Cards

Your Mia app scans business cards on both sides to collect and save all contact information.

2-Manually Add A New Contact

You have the option to add the contact manually by writing their emails or by choosing them from your contact list.

3-Add context to the contact

Leave a note reflecting your interest in a new connection, along with a summary of your first conversation.

4-Share Your Mcard

Send your contactless business card (Mcard) to new connections on their emails so you stay connected.

5-Receive Follow-Up Reminders

Stay on top of someone’s mind after networking by getting timelynotifications from Mia to message them.

Invest In Your Connections

Capitalize on your first impression by continuously delivering your brand value through personal messages.

Show that you are thoughtful!

Show up where others are not.

Stay consistent in your socializing efforts.

Make it personal.

Benefit from the convenience of seamless interactions.

Close more deals just by staying connected.

Take your relationships to the next level!

Download our app now and stay connected effortlessly. Available for iOS and Android. Upgrade your relationship management experience today!

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